Red Rose Left: Deer Moved

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science” – Albert Einstein

On Valentine’s Day I found a single red rose lying on the counter in our newly finished sleeping loft in the barn. Who left it? Bruce, one of our builders, the electrician, or a neighbor, could have placed it there but it has been a week since I discovered it, and no one has mentioned the rose. It is difficult for me to imagine a secret admirer, but perhaps someone wished to congratulate us upon the completion of our barn.

A long stemmed red rose mysteriously appears at the barn on Valentine's Day
Sleeping loft where we can spend a little time.
Cabin sized kitchen where we can make a light meal.
Wood for the cabinets came from the old farmhouse on Mule Springs.
Old farmhouse- we salvaged the wood to make cabinets, shed, outhouse, and parts of the pigeon loft.

Also on Valentine’s Day, as I drove to Mule Springs, I noticed the elusive white metal deer had moved, once again, to a different place in the hay field. Every few days someone walks into the pasture, either by day or night, and picks up the white deer and moves it.  All drivers on their way to town can see the deer, if they notice.

But on Valentine’s Day I see something new. The frail looking snowy buck has two green arrows piercing its breast.  Has it been struck by Cupid’s arrow?  After all Valentine’s Day is the day to be smitten. Or maybe someone from the road shot the deer as a gag, or the unknown “mover” had the arrows planned for the holiday.

The white deer mysteriously moves across the hay field.

The mystery–the hanging question– behind the long stemmed red rose and the white deer intrigue me. I drive by the deer in the hay field every day. On some days the deer has been moved fifty feet or to the far perimeter of the field, but on other days, the deer’s position seems to have hardly changed. Still I imagine it has shifted a foot or two. I wonder who advances across the field to pick up the deer, and what is in his or her mind as the next move is contemplated? Why does this person make the effort?

It’s the mystery I enjoy the most, so much so I’d rather not even ask who leaves the rose or find out who moves the deer.  I’m glad that they do.


Author’s Note:  Can you think of any little mysteries that intrigue you?




19 thoughts on “Red Rose Left: Deer Moved

  1. Today’s intriguing mystery as I watched Thule plow around the snow-deep pasture in great, frantic arcs, head completely buried: does she hear those burrowing ground squirrels sheltered under all that whiteness, or can she smell them?

  2. thanX for sharing the loves + light from your life!
    So glad our gigi told me about your blog site 🙂

    Carry on, sister!

  3. I so enjoy your blogs, Sher. I will be watching for and taking in the mysteries in my life for sure. The cabin is just perfect for you two. The wood is beautiful. Best wishes from Steve and I…

    1. Thanks Steve. It does remind you a bit of Alaska I bet. Seems like it would fit in for sure. yes those little mysteries are so much fun–delightful really. Thanks for checking in and reading the blog. Sher

  4. nice digs! lofty much like your dear pigeons.
    i’m amused at every possibility of the arrows in the metal deer.
    the rose, reminds me of keats. if it is a friend, what a dear friend. if it’s your spouse,
    what a dear spouse. which for some reason brings me back to the deer.
    dear me!

  5. Hi Sher,
    So enjoying your write-ups whenever I get on the home computer – which is about once/week.

    The sleeping loft looks like a cozy and beautiful space. Looking forward to checking it out in person.

    Have you read Gretchen Rubin’s new book – the Happiness Project? Marolyn gave it to me for Valentine’s Day and I’ve just finished it. It seems to me as if you have multiple Happiness Project’s going – and they put a smile on my face as well.

    All for now – BGL

    1. Hi Bruce..I do know about The Happiness Project. I was sort of a groupie for awhile. Rubin is an inspiration….thanks for checking in. IT’s good to hear from you.

  6. I like your telling of the moving deer. A few years ago a group of North Enders “stole” a friend’s white wooden deer, and relocated them to another friend’s house. The deer made their way to many houses that winter…even appeared attached to our boat trailer at Knudson Cove…gold ribbons around their necks. 🙂

    I have a wooden Raggedy Ann that I move around my yard because I know my neighbor likes to search her out.

    I think the deer mover must be a happy hearted soul. I bet they have a good sense of humor, and they like to make people smile.

  7. What a lovely story of the red rose and the white deer! I find it even more intriguing and exciting that you don’t know for sure who your secret admirer and the ‘deer mover’ are! 🙂

  8. Love your loft and the fact that you have recycled materials from the old house.It looks so cozy. Interesting read about the mysterious rose (how sweet) and the white deer.

    1. Hello and thank you for your comments. When I am at the farm I do not have good Internet, so it sometimes takes me a few days to respond. Earlier posts show how the barn has also been made with many recycled pieces…such as windows and wood from barns that were torn down. Our builders have called it the ultimate recycle project. Sher

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