Flood in Hotel Donkey Stall

Hotel donkey stall flooded!

Thankfully the donkeys were out grazing, so they did not get wet.

I came back from town, and when I went into the tack room I heard a pump running and wondered what the sound could mean.  I slide back the donkey stall door and saw the stall was flooded with water.  The pine shaving bedding was soaked through and floating listlessly in the shining liquid.

Apparently Bruce started laying irrigation pipes and running water, and a flow surge blew out the pressure regulator in the donkey’s automatic waterer. The increased pressure blew a hose and water was pumping endlessly out of the bottom of the unit.

Irrigating upper fields created a flow surge that flooded the donkey stall.

I had been thinking of removing the waterer, because Chippo won’t drink out of it, and so it has been sitting unused with the water in it covered by a thin layer of dust.

I ran into the pump room, and shut off the water.

The way the stall looked just after I discovered the flood. Toys and bedding floating.

Then I began the long process of using a push broom and manually moving the water and the heavy bedding out the door into the paddock.  A seemingly unending  task that soon had me drenched with sweat.

The stall was designed to drain in the middle, and strips of stall matting covered the drain, but if I pulled back the matting the bedding would certainly clog the drain, and I would have an even worse mess, so I pushed the water out.

Bruce came and took over the push broom while I dug a trench outside the stall and down into a lower field so the water would drain away from the barn.

Making some progress with pushing water and bedding out the door.

Meanwhile the donkeys came back from grazing and wanted into their paddock, so I let them in to see what we were doing.  Chippo walked into the stall and stood in the water and peed while Bruce and I watched.  Who said donkeys are afraid of water? And don’t ask me the meaning of this pee-act.  I just laughed; Chippo walked back out into the paddock, and I returned to work.

The water and the bedding is finally gone, and after four hours I was able to put new bedding down.

I was able to get all the water out, and the floor dried very quickly. I called Chip, and he will be removing the automatic waterer next week.

10 thoughts on “Flood in Hotel Donkey Stall

    1. Chippo peeing into the stall while you were sweating the big stuff made me laugh out loud! Good! i can still see him. I wish I had been able to get a photo — that would have really made the piece. LOL. Sher

  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear… what a flood!

    That must have been hard work, getting it all cleaned up again, so that the donkeys can sleep all safe and dry in their stall.

    1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear… what a flood!

      That must have been hard work, getting it all cleaned up again, so that the donkeys can sleep all safe and dry in their stall. Reggie- I am certainly building up my arm and back muscles, which is a good thing. On a whim I decided to go to the gym yesterday, and I was able to lift more weight and lift it much more easily — all thanks to the donkeys.

    1. Well, you certainly don’t need to sign up with a gym!

      True– unless I need to work some muscles I don’t get worked here. I do go to the gym once or twice a week just to work all my muscles so that I can work harder on the farm. 🙂

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