Gypsy: “Wild Thing”

Wild Thing

You Make My Heart Sing

You Make Everything


Wild Thing

I think I Love You,

But I want To Know For Sure—The Troggs (An English Rock Band from the 1960s)

"Wild Thing--you make my heart sing."
“Wild Thing–you make my heart sing.”
"I think I love you," but . . . right now I'm not so sure.
“I think I love you,” but . . . right now I’m not so sure.
From this --Gypsy the Pudelpointer puppy.
From this –Gypsy the Pudelpointer puppy.
To this -- Lon, Gypsy's sire.
To this — Lon, Gypsy’s sire.

Snippets from the past two weeks with “Wild Thing.”

Simcoe Mountain Music Festival –Campout—60 people –all musicians.

September 5, 2014 – Saturday morning – was it a good idea to bring Gypsy? Dilemma—we are camped in a public area flanked by several other campers. When Gypsy starts to cry, whine, and yodel in the crate we usually let her play it out, but how do we handle this at 6 a.m. when we are next to campers who are sleeping?

I compromised- I let her bark for one very long minute, then I let her out of her crate. Did she wake our neighbors?

I am bored with the duck, do you have something else I can do?
I am bored with the duck, do you have something else I can do?

Things That Happen Really Fast:

Friends’ friendly herding dog rushed Gypsy to greet her, and Gypsy yelped, ran, and dove under R.V. But, she came right back out once she heard my voice and she saw the dog’s tail wagging.

Gypsy attended a jam session with me and promptly tried to climb into a musician’s instrument case. She took a ball of yarn from a woman’s knitting bag as the lady sat listening to the fiddle tunes. She picked up someone’s Smart Phone and mouthed it– Oh my god. We had to leave.

Jumped up and grabbed my mug of hot tea and spilt its contents all over both us.

I’m lying in the hammock, and Gypsy makes a great leap to jump in with me. Her paw and its sharp little claws ram into my mouth and give me a fat lip.

September 12th Camping along the Middle Fork of the John Day River

Of Note:

Cow Pies- picking them up as saucers and flying back with them to her bed where she promptly shreds the poo-pies to pieces as I read my book. We tried to keep the delicacies from her, but we are camped in open range, and the cow manure is everywhere.

The whistle of the teakettle sounds in the R.V., and in the three minutes it takes me to go inside and make my tea, Gypsy has torn the front and back cover off my novel, and she has chewed the covers into small pieces.

At least she is beginning to lick us when she greets us instead of bite our hands.

Got any more food in there?
Got any more food in there?

Her first few swims she moves across the water like a high-stepping baby. She splashes across the channel instead of streaming.

She finally gets it-- swimming with grace.
She finally gets it– swimming with grace.

After one of her swims she rolls over on her back and squirms and squiggles in the grass just like the big dogs do when they have taken a swim. This is progress, because the first few times she swam she got out of the water and stood, did not shake, did not roll, and shortly began to shiver. So, we were pleased to see her do the “big dog” shake, rattle, and roll.

Three Dogs = Three Tie Out Chords With One Attached to a Puppy = An Absolute Bird’s Nest.

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12 thoughts on “Gypsy: “Wild Thing”

  1. Very cute, Sher.

    I’ve been wondering, though, since your last post. Our italian prune tree just has purple plums on it. I want one with rosy aubergine orbs! :^)

    Hope to see you soon.


    1. I’ve been wondering, though, since your last post. Our italian prune tree just has purple plums on it. I want one with rosy aubergine orbs! :^) Hi Tim–:) I am sorry dear, but you will have to wait until next year. I guess, though, because of your elevation, your plums are later than ours. 🙂

    1. Sounds so much like my life with the nutty Border Collie puppy these past couple of months!!! So many laughs though.

      Hi Danelle- good to hear from you. Yes, all the laughter is good for the soul. Mostly it is laughing– though we always get a few sticky issues with bird dogs. Each dog has its issues. 🙂

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