Sandwich Surprise

Bruce went hunting this week at the Limmeroth Ranch with Gypsy and Ouzel. He stopped by his favorite sandwich shop and ordered the usual: deli sandwich, a pickle, and some chips. The sandwich was placed on a paper plate with the pickle nestled next to it, and then the whole fare was surrounded by plastic wrap. This went into a white lunch bag, and a bag of chips was plopped on top.

Gypsy --Limmeroth Ranch.
Gypsy –Limmeroth Ranch.

Bruce, Gypsy, and Ouzel hiked for hours across the hoarfrost embedded landscape.

Finally, Bruce was tired, hungry, and looking forward to lunch, so the three tramped back through sage and rabbit brush to the Ranger. They climbed in and rode back to the car where Bruce gave the dogs some water before getting into his lunch sack. He was shocked when he reached into the open sack and found instead of a plastic wrapped deli sandwich a gooey mess. The bag was filled with Gypsy’s vomit! Since the day we picked up our eight week old puppy, she’s periodically been carsick. We never know when it will happen.

As Bruce imagined it. Gypsy felt sick; yet, she was attracted by the scent of sandwich. She stuck her head in his bag, but was too sick to eat his sandwich, so she vomited instead.

What luck!

Perhaps, it will come as no surprise to those of you who know Bruce well, that Bruce did find a way to eat that sandwich, and he enjoyed the pickle too.

Gypsy on point.
Gypsy on point.

Heading to the Ranger.

7 thoughts on “Sandwich Surprise

    1. Ah, poor Gypsy. At first I thought it was going to be that she didn’t like the pickle. Hi Dagny–I’m glad you had to guess as to the punch line. 🙂 That’s nice. Thanks for reading. 🙂 Sher

    1. Uggg! That’s sorta a gross story, but insure Bruce was very hungry, and after all, he is a surgeon!! Hi Judi– I know, I know– I just used those exact words “gross” when I shared it with my 13 year old nephew. I thought that might entice him to read it. 🙂 Bruce is no wilting violet, and he was very hungry. 🙂 Sher

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