Four Days

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Four days—me recovering– from surgery, and my spouse

taking care of the animals.


Day 1

The silent donkeys stare when he delivers their hay.


Skookum shuns him and the dog walk and skirts back to the house. Asking at the side door until I come drunkenly to let him in. Gingerly he hops onto the bed and falls heavily –pressed against me.


Rumbling cat curls my stomach. The three of us float in no-time.


Day 2

The donkeys trudge through deep snow and sub-freezing temperatures to the farmhouse. Arriving at the side door long ears point the door handle and as patiently wait for me to come and push snow with them.

And wait.

Hope expired they turn away and go out to clip branches and pluck shriveled rose hips above the snowy mantle.



Day 3

Chippo wheezes and squeaks when Bruce enters the stall bringing food. I learn later “something must be wrong with that donkey.”

But, no, I know

what has really happened is the man has earned his gift–a greeting in donkey-talk.


Day 4


Face mask, hat, gloves, and a bulky down coat I venture outside to feed my pigeons. My throat is so sore, I cannot ring “woo-hoo” as I always do. The birds look sideways: fluff their feathers: shift foot to foot. Plink, splat, and kerplunk whole corn, peas, and seeds.


Still, even the tame bronze beauty doesn’t know me; none of the pigeons will come.


Feeling a little sad by what’s so quickly lost, I shut the loft door and climb into the Ranger, start the roar, eager for home and my bed

once more.

Sher’s Flying Oriental Roller pigeons.
Pigeon Monster


4 thoughts on “Four Days

    1. Oh dear, Sher. Time stops while you recover. Everyone will wait for you even if you think they’ve forgotten–take care of yourself! Hi Mary–thank you for the kind words.Things are back to normal now. Once I got my voice back my pigeons would fly to me again; I realized it wasn’t the outfit so much as the loss of voice. 🙂

    1. Hope your wisdom teeth weren’t pulled! 🙂 Dear Peri- you are very good at reading between the lines— yes wisdom tooth and another tooth. Doing much better now! Thank you. 🙂

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