The Zone

 A good piece to listen – 2 minutes. Click above

A big buzz circles.

Her head bowed over a biography–

Of Henry David Thoreau.

She ignores


you are…



Bottom grounded.

Her back presses

against the Ranger tire,

and the late afternoon glow

fires the prairie.



But, buzzy


comes back,

rounds her head again

and this time she guesses—



The fuzzy

black- yellow bumblebee

drops like a bomb into a ground-hole

two feet in front her lean crossed legs.



Suddenly the Old dog, Professor Skookum pads past;

Her chest draws tight–

his big foot falls on the spot—




Professor Skookum continues on to drink prairie pond;

Cattail seeds gently parachute to earth

and softly she separates the sugar-rich grass.


   Her words fall … “Are you down there?” –






And then so faintly…  “Hush, not the tomb; I’m in the zone, … I’m in the zone…”



Skookum takes a shallow swim – he shakes and the ring of water- pellets fling jewels– a peacock’s tail. Unconcernedly… in the zone, …in the zone.










11 thoughts on “The Zone

  1. That sure does convey the season and small mellow movements of nature. Settled. Settling into winter.

  2. this was wonderful! i read it first at work on my phone, then also listened now at home. there’s a typo at the end in the printed version — “tome” instead of “tomb” — it made more sense when i listened to it. really nice, and love your voice.

    1. Heidi-thanks for the heads up on the typo — a total mind blank on my part, so I just corrected it. Yes, this one is meant to be heard versus read. Maybe read, heard, then read. I am having a difficulty with the spacing on Word Press, and I have not been able to get that solved yet. Working on a picture essay of the cabin project!

  3. Thank you for the healing, gentle visions! Soothing in this tumultuous time! Love the reference to sugar and miss your Sugar Hill time! Tome worked for me, the writing…you are beyond that and in a sought for meditative trance!

    1. Hey Terry — yes…I don’t know if you know he died recently — I will post a photo of us. It’s my favorites from Prince of Wales Island — I’ve named the cabin area Skookum Wood– we had a wall tent there before the cabin, and Skookum loved going over there with me.

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