Mule Springs is an online journal about life on our farm in Columbia River Basin region of Oregon.

My husband, Bruce, and I recently moved to Oregon from Southeast Alaska — where we spent 16 years living in a cabin on the beach at the edge of a rainforest.  In Southeast I taught Humanities courses  for the University of Alaska and Bruce practiced orthopedic medicine.  We trained bird dogs for field competitions, raised performance flying pigeons, and fished for salmon in the icy waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The Wizard’s Cottage in Southeast Alaska.

Our newest adventure encompasses the world of dry land farming, native plant restoration, old barn restoration, oriental roller pigeons, and training our miniature donkeys– Ziggy and Chippo.

Old homestead Mule Springs Farm in Oregon.

If you click on the home page to subscribe to this blog, you’ll get an email notice when I post new photos and text.  I try to post once or twice monthly.  The journal is for all  interested readers.   Comments are welcome!  Thank you for reading, and please share the blog with anyone who you think would appreciate the stories.

Sher    @                         mulesprings@gmail.com  (feel free to email me, if you prefer not to post a comment on the blog site)

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