Inspired by Dorothy Wordsworth’s 1800-1803 The Grasmere Journals, Mule Springs is an online journal about life on our farm in Eastern Oregon.  Ms. Wordsworth, the poet William Wordsworth’s sister, captured brief moments of her days living in England’s Lake District. Mule Springs is a similar effort at what is now called prose poem, flash or short nonfiction pieces intent on capturing moments for the reader to see inside one person’s ordinary life surrounded by animals and nature in the 21st century.

Here are some pictures of the main characters mentioned in the Mule Springs journal.

Ziggy, Miniature Donkey


Chippo, Miniature Donkey


Chinook portrait second day

Cedarwoods Chinook Winds born March 21, 2019  (Chinook)

Professor Skookum


Professor Skookum,  Gypsy,  Cowboy

Professor Skookum,  Gypsy,  Cowboy

Cowboy AKA Glacier’s Howling at the Moon
Rufous Red




Brindle  2016- 2018


Ouzel, jumping, good, 7-05final copy
Alibi’s Water Ouzel AKA Ouzel – the Great and Powerful OZ– 2004- 2016
Oriental Roller Pigeons
Mule Springs Journal –Author


If you click on the home page to subscribe to this blog, you’ll get an email notice when I post new photos and text.   The journal is for all  interested readers.   Comments are welcome!  Thank you for reading, and please share the blog with anyone who you think would appreciate the stories.

donkeyholler2@gmail.com  (feel free to email me, if you prefer not to post a comment on the blog site)



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