Glass Shattering

One of the strangest things that has ever happened occurred tonight.


Bruce and I were enjoying an Asian noodle salad for dinner at the big old wooden table in the kitchen, and we were talking about the power of belief. Bruce was saying how remarkable the mind is and how people can do all sorts of things just by believing and having faith. Things like healing and also like peacefully accepting situations that to the rest of the world seem endlessly bleak. In essence he was remarking on the power of mind.


Later, I was in my office writing an email to friends and family about the menu change for Bruce’s 70th birthday party, which is coming up next week.


I heard glass shatter and hit the floor.


Bruce yelled, “What was that”?


It sounded like it came from the kitchen – to me, but Bruce was in the kitchen doing the dishes.


I yelled back, “Where did that noise come from”?


He said, “Right here.”


I got up, and walked out into the kitchen. A sixteen-ounce glass Pyrex measuring cup had been sitting, a little over five feet up, on an open shelf next to two ceramic mixing bowls. A portion of the cup still stood, but it had ringed striations of broken glass running from bottom to top. It seemed the measuring cup had exploded. Nothing hit it; the cup wasn’t close to a heat source, and there was no visible reason Pyrex should suddenly blow up. But broken glass was on the shelf, the kitchen counter, and lay across the floor twelve feet away; I even found glass in the entrance hall adjacent to the kitchen.


On impulse I said, “What were you thinking about”?


“I was seething over the tree that guy cut down in Alaska. In my head I was writing a letter to him. I am so pissed he cut down a two hundred year old cedar tree to put in a septic tank.”


Bruce was referring to the news we got the night before last. Our house in Alaska just sold, but for the bank to loan on the property they wanted a new septic tank installed, and we agreed. Although Bruce talked with the contractor about the plan to install the tank, Bruce thought he planned to dismantle the duck pen near the house and install the septic tank below the old pen. The contractor surprised us by talking to the buyers and getting them to agree it was okay to cut down one of the largest Cedar trees is the area, so the location for the septic tank could more easily be accessed. The agreement came before the house was sold, and seemingly it was kept secret from us. The contractor told us yesterday what he did, and yesterday we closed on the sale of the Alaska house.


The power of the mind? I have no explanation for why the glass measuring cup exploded while sitting on our shelf. My first thought was a poltergeist.


Bruce joked and said, “This getting old is bringing me some new powers I didn’t know I had. I’m going to be 70 next week; I’d better be careful.”


A few minutes later he began to get angry all over again about the cutting down of the ancient cedar.


I replied, “next thing you know you’ll be ranting about something, and Ouzel will blow up. You’ll go into the room, and bits of Ouzel will be all over the wall.”


Bruce gave me one of “those” looks, and disappeared down the hall. He came back moments later and said, “She’s okay; she’s in the middle of the bed with all four legs up in the air. She looks dead, but I’m pretty sure she’s not.”


Apparently, the power of the mind theory only works some of the time, and I’m pretty sure – that’s a good thing.


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Author’s Note:

I am curious if others have any thoughts about why the Pyrex container broke. Similar experiences maybe?